Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Hazelburn Cooperative is close to where you want to be.

In minutes you can access green space, a diversity of cuisine, boutique shops or one of Ontario’s largest malls, the Toronto Eaton Centre. Dundas Square hosts the best of both local and international talent and has become a thriving public space with free musical performances, film screenings and outdoor markets. Hazelburn is close to theatres, concert halls, and art galleries but also practical amenities like hospitals as well as all the major banks and grocery stores. We are bordered by the Queen Streetcar to the South, the Dundas Streetcar to the North and within walking distance from two Yonge Line subway stations. The DVP and the Gardiner on-ramps are just a short drive away.

It’s this convenience that our community loves! Whether you choose to walk, bike, or drive in the city you will find that Hazelburn’s location provides you the chance to enjoy the best of what downtown living has to offer.

Hazelburn feels like a village within a larger city and our Co-op is like a community within a building, a place where people say hello to each other and care about their neighbours.

The co-operative philosophy is about creating an inviting, safe, and sustainable environment for everyone. Hazelburn gathers to it people who want to live where others embrace co-operative values. Our members belong to committees that collectively oversee the management and maintenance of our awarding winning rooftop garden, our recycling program and other areas of our building.

What we provide is secure and affordable living in a supportive community.


Hazelburn Cooperative Homes of Toronto Inc. is a non-profit housing co-op that provides high quality and affordable residential accommodation to its members/community in keeping with our core values.


SAFETY AND SECURITY – Located in downtown Toronto, our members understand that it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure we have a safe and secure living environment for our members.

ACTIVE AND DEMOCRATIC PARTICIPATION IN OUR COMMUNITY – We are deeply invested in the ongoing wellbeing of our co-op and actively participate in and openly communicate about the developments that affect the co-op and the neighbourhood around us.

FISCAL SUSTAINABILITY We are committed to maintaining a co-op that continually makes sound financial decisions about its future – under the Ontario Co-operative Corporations Act.

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY – We conduct ourselves and co-op business in a manner that actively reduces our impact on the environment.

FORESIGHT AND ADAPTABILITY – Our decision-making is rooted in long-term thinking and adapting to the evolving needs of our members and the building.

RESPECT AND INCLUSION – We are a community that embraces diversity and treats each member with respect.

COMMITMENT TO SUBSIDY- We believe it is important to continue to provide subsidy to eligible members.


It is our vision that Hazelburn Co-op will be a diverse community of members who are deeply invested in maintaining a thriving co-op community.

FISCAL – We will commit to long term financial planning, adapting to our changing financial circumstances with a view to maintaining the physical plant and values of our community.

BUILDING – We will maintain and fund a reserve plan to ensure that we are capable of maintaining the structural integrity of the building. We will also incorporate more environmentally sustainable activities.

PEOPLE – We will adapt to the evolving needs of our community and neighbourhood.

NEIGHBOURHOOD – We will work with the co-op community to support co-op housing in Toronto. We will actively work with our neighbours to ensure that development in our neighbourhood is not detrimental to our community. We commit to participation in external community organizations.

PARTICIPATION – We will build and maintain an infrastructure to encourage and support members in meeting their commitment to actively participate in the co-op.