Office Notice

  • Onyx Fire will be doing our annual fire equipment inspection May 7, 2018. staff will need access to all units.
  • Staff will be power washing underground May 1, 2018

Sustainability Committee

Building News

  • The toxic taxi request is submitted. When the date is firm, the note will be posted in the lobby.

Sustainability made easy (Our new section!)

  • Do you want to recycle used clothes that are not wearable?  H&M in Eaton Centre has a bin to drop them and they even give $5.00 off coupon if you recycle.
  • You can bring you own container to Bulk Barn. You don’t need to buy 1 kg of dry cranberries, this way of shopping can save money and decrease the plastic in the land field. Here is more info, if you are interested:
  • Yes to reusable bulk bags (personal favorites):
  1. –  for bulk (light and gentle):
  2. – for vegetables in the store (more solid and bigger):

And since April 22 is Earth day – Please help us to recycle!


Laundry Room:

  • Small bins: batteries, ink cartridges, LED light bulbs, old incandescent bulbs, small electronics, small scrap metal

Entry Foyer to Recreation Room:

  • A sharing table – cleared monthly to Diabetes Assoc.                               – the second Thursday of the month.
  • Coming soon – bins for larger electronics and metal.                                – can be set out in clear plastic bags for collection on Fridays

FABRIC = 15% of Landfill

  • A monthly drop off: clean, bagged clothing and fabric in the lobby. (currently, the Wednesday before the second Thursday of the month)  picked up by the Diabetes Assoc.


  • There is a lending library shelving in the recreation room for members to contribute, borrow or share

Household Hazardous Waste                                             

  • Hazelburn organizes HHW pickups by The City of Toronto’s Toxic Taxi service as needed.

What goes where? Call or email 311 OR use the Waste Wizard


Q: How do I recycle tooth brush?

A: Garbage Bin.


Around the web

Inspiration to recycle (any small effort counts! You don’t need to go Zero waste):

Green Team