Below are descriptions for each of Hazelburn’s Committees. To find out more about what type of involvement is required of our members please refer to our FAQ page.

Elected by the membership, The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the management of the co-op. A director’s role is to represent the membership as a whole, not to serve as advocate for his or her own interests or those of a particular group.
CHF Committee Members attend CHFT meetings and keep the membership informed about CHFT activities, policies, meetings, and sector issues that promote further growth in the sector.

Members of the Custodial Committee keep the elevators, lobby, entrance ways and laundry room clean on weekends and holidays. (For Lobby; sweep and mop floor if necessary, empty garbage, clean up debris in entrance ways, clean glass doors, etc. For elevators; wipe walls, sweep and mop floors. For laundry room; sweep and mop floors, wipe down machines and empty garbage.) Committee members are assigned to the lobby or laundry room on a rotational basis.

Members of the Garden Committee create and maintain the co-op’s communal green spots on the roof, the second floor patio and at the front of the building. The committee’s vision is one of self-renewing gardens so it can be active all year round with the traditional outdoor gardening activities (planting, weeding, watering, fertilizing and pruning) and occasionally a winter/spring program of growing seedlings (both annuals and perennials) and bulb planting.
Members of the Membership Committee interview and screen new applicants for membership and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.
Members of the Office Help and Website Committee assist the co-op manager with general office work such as photocopying, collating, stapling, distribution of General Meeting Packages and distribute memos to pigeon holes. This committee also is responsible for maintaining the common parts of the co-op website. Members do not require previous experience in website design or office procedures to contribute to this committee.
Members of the On Call Committee provide an emergency contact for co-op members during the hours when staff are not present to ensure the safety and security of the co-op and its members. Members also Assist during fire alarm situations and conducts rounds each evening to ensure the building is secure. Another duty is to place the elevator on service for after-hour and weekend moves and deliveries.
The Ombudsperson, independent of committees and the Board of Directors acts as advisor for members and staff with regard to any personal or business matters pertaining to the Co-op or the By-laws. The Ombudsperson may act as a representative or advocate for any member or staff at a committee or Board of Directors Meeting. The Privacy Officer ensures the co-op follows the Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act and its principles.
Members of the Property Management Committee conduct annual unit inspections to identify needed repairs and deficiencies as well as assisting in preventive maintenance and planning for future repairs, improvements and replacements.
Members of the Social Committee plan and provide social events where the membership may grow to know its neighbours better, thereby increasing awareness of the welfare of the co-operative. Members also make recommendations for guidelines for common rooms including the Stella Room, Children’s Playroom and Recreation Room.
The Sustainability Committee supports the recycling efforts and initiatives (battery, electronics, & light bulb collection points in the building) of our City of Toronto trained 3R Ambassador and the substantial blue and green bin programme of the Co-op.  In addition to organizing and limiting  contamination of recycling, the Committee reports to the members on changes to what’s acceptable in the City of Toronto Blue Bin, offers monthly recycling tips, holds 3R information sessions, schedules hazardous waste collection disposal days and brings to the attention of the Board and Membership all greening initiatives that could help Hazelburn reduce its carbon footprint to zero.